Bags & Trash Bags

Keep your facility neat and tidy with our selection of trash supplies and recycling equipment. Never run out of supplies by stocking up on trash and waste bags for your office or facility. Make it easy to throw things away and recycle with our selection of containers.

Cleaning Supplies

Tackle your toughest cleaning jobs with our wide selection of cleaning supplies. Help keep your entire facility clean and safe with cleaning materials from floor cleaning tools and window cleaning supplies, to brushes, sponges, and scouring pads

Floor & Carpet Care

Whether you’re in a maintenance department or in the cleaning business, equipment can make the difference in time saved and money earned.

Mops, Brooms, Brushes & Dusters

From small spills to major cleaning projects MGS has most of the cleaning tools and supplies you need to keep your facility neat and safe. We have a wide selection of floor cleaning tools including dry and wet mops, plus broom and mop handles.

Paper Products & Dispensers

Keeping your workplace bathroom well stocked with quality paper products can help keep your employees and guests happy and make bathroom sanitation easy.

Skin Care & Hand Soap

A successful business or facility is always stocked with the right personal care and hygiene products. Provide your bathrooms with high-quality supplies like various hand soaps, lotions, creams and much more

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